Our NDTA Meeting on Tuesday, May 17th, 2005 brought the NDTA-SJ Chapter together once again at the Black Angus restaurant on March Lane in Stockton. Our host and their staff were gracious and attentive and the food was delicious and the ambiance was warm and inviting.
Take a peek:

Granted our photographer was slightly out of focus at times, the business at hand remained purposeful and centered. The banquet room at the Black Angus provided just the right stimulus for the task set before us, namely the election of our new Board Members and the future of our NDTA Chapter for next year.

Our esteem President, Joe Buckley, got things kicked off by proudly announcing that our chapter will be honoring the annual scholarship recipients picked this year at our last June NDTA meeting until next fall.

At our June Meeting, we will also be passing the baton of leadership to those new board members elected this evening..
Although raising money for these scholarships to deserving students in the transportation field has become a source of pride for our Chapter, the meetings each month provide a forum in which the transportation community in the San Joaquin Valley can gather informally to discuss and listen to important issues as they relate to the transportation industry presented by its industrial partners and honor quest speakers.

Keeping in mind the pending elections, memorial day just around the corner, our families' concerns, our community responsibilities, and the commitment we practice for our defense abroad, I caught some of those in attendance, reflecting about the past and future, each in their way

Keenly aware of the issues on our table and their importance beyond this room,

the calculated risks involved as we defend our interests here and abroad

apprehensive over the ultimate sacrifice we are paying

the prize of tragedy that the loss can bear

we remember those we depend on and can not forget

to honor

as we weigh out each alternative

discussing the infinite possibilities

to all willing to listen

from the youthful and forward thinking

including those with their unique perspectives

to pool together our resources from our experience

and the power and strength they bring

confident of our capabilities when called to respond

consolidating our abilities to manage well in order to survive

ever so watchful that our energy is well spent.

in our simple, but symbolic way, we excercise our freedom to elect from the blood, sweat and tears sacrificed by those who chose to defend that right.

In our hearts, they are the names we can never forget for this memorial day and forevermore.

We welcome our new president of NDTA-SJ Chapter Janet Rollandi.

And although we will miss your professionalism and leadership, Joe, we are confident that our newly elected will emerge from the background to the head of the Class.

So there you have it. Signing off with a big OK from Joe.

Please, don't just ride off into the senset just yet.

My many thanks to all those whose attendance made it possible for me take pictures.

William T. Brady, jr