Our NDTA presentation in April brought the San Joaquin Chapter together again. Mr. Phillip Donath's presentation and the security issues thus upon our citzens gave me pause to remember, that despite the great pain and tragedy that has befallen others in our sometimes precarious and violent world which we struggle to survive, there is something so special in each and everyone of us. And in reliving those moments that evening, I too felt part of that something special that makes us unique and brought us here together. I'm proud of who we are.

And Who are we?

We are a people with many faces.

We are the leaders helping each other.

The joy we feel inside makes us feel alive.

We have that freedom to talk to each other.

We watch out for each other

We are eager to move ahead.

We respect our differences.

We are young and filled with hope for the future.

We donate our time for worthy causes.

We valve partnership and trust that endures through time.

We are eager to help others who help themselves.

We are experienced and not so naive as others might presume.

We show our concern for others who might be less fortunate!

We are fresh and forward looking. Ready to lend a hand!

We are not without our humor and the joy silliness can bring

We yearn to understand what is not so easily revealed!

We analyze our options, figuring out solutions!

We face up to our responsibilities.

We watch quietly when words can no longer explain what the eyes see.

Yet always hopeful, that we will triumph in the end.

We are united in fellowship, and willingness to take direction!

We react in so many different ways!

Our beauty and strength comes from the our center.

We take pause to remember least we never forget.

We know the fear caused by those whose hatred blinds them from the truth.

We depend on our leaders for guidance and our humility.

Our resolve remains steadfast, our focus unwavering.

Who are we?
We are the faces of everyday People
We live in a country where Faces are not for hiding.
These are the faces of those ready to defend that freedom.
Together we stand tall as the San Joaquin Chapter of the NDTA

Our Meeting is a Celebration, you should not miss!

And oh my the way, did I mention who was our host!

Thank you for Reminding me Lorraine. Our Thanks to Yellow Transportation!